Toeless Yoga Pilates Socks by Sticky Feet are Wonderful


Do you do Yoga or Pilates? I have a home gym and besides a treadmill, row machine, and stationary bike have stocked it up with Yoga and Pilates stuff. Of course, even exercising at home means that the gear has to look good and what I wear is just about as important as what's in the room. Hey, I need all the motivation on earth to make it to that room - what can I say?

That brings me to my latest find - Toeless Yoga Pilates Socks by Sticky Feet. The company asked if I wanted to review them in exchange for my honest opinion. 


The socks at first glance seem just like any other yoga socks until you notice that the toes are not covered entirely by fabric and that the bottom is full of those non-slip dot patterns. Both these features are wonderful, because it allows me to have a better grip on the floor when I try to balance myself in poses that leave me swaying around like a drunk sailor. 

The socks come in two colors, a very dark blue and lighter grey color. I have the dark blue ones with fuchsia colored pink dots on them and like how they look. The socks are made of breathable combed cotton and were easier to put on then my other traditional yoga socks. No more fidgeting to get each toe into the right location. I also noticed that as I worked out I did not have to adjust my socks, because they stayed put . I was a bit worried about the fabric cutting into the toes, but that worry turned out to be unwarranted. The socks are very comfortable, so much so that I actually had them on longer than I intended to.

That's because the half toe design offered that barefoot feeling , yet kept my feet warm at the same time. So would I recommend Sticky Feet Toeless Yoga Socks? Absolutely ~ I  love mine!

High Quality Non Slip Yoga Socks Skid Yoga Toeless Socks with Grips, Combed Cotton for Women Sticky Feet 1/2 Toe Yoga Pilates Socks, Comfortable and Breathable (Dark Blue, Small/Medium) $9.99 StickyFeet

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While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.

While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.