Soniclear by Micheal Todd

Soniclear by Michael Todd

Soniclear by Michael Todd

Have you browsed through the beauty counters at the mall lately? Perhaps you have noticed the many handheld beauty cleansers that seem to be all the rage these days. A while back I received such a cleanser from Michael Todd and was asked to share my thoughts about this antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system. Sounds complicated doesn't it?!

Introducing the Soniclear! World's 1st Antimicrobial sonic face and body cleansing brush from Michael Todd USA. SAVE 25% off this amazing new product at BONUS: Save 25% site wide on all of our organic skin care products at To learn more about this amazing sonic face cleansing brush, watch the video, visit the site and stay tuned for more updates from Michael Todd USA!

The Soniclear cleanses your skin through a battery operated brush that gently massages the skin at 18,000 micro massage movements per minute. It has 6 cleansing speeds, three for the face and three for the body. I thought ,it's great that people with sensitive or rough skin can adjust how little or how fast they like the bristles to rotate and the slip resistant handgrip make the  cordless and waterproof ( not just water resistant!) unit easy to use wherever you want to perform your cleansing routine. 

So armed with my new gadget and three lovely scrubs, 1 Charcoal Detox Cleanser 50ml with pump, 1 Honey and Oat Cleanser 50ml with Pump and 1 Jojoba Charcoal Scrub 40ml, I was ready to do some major cleansing. I  tried all three scrubs with the Soniclear in the shower and the bathtub and loved how easy it was to use the cordless brush just about anywhere. Now I have it parked in it's charging cradle right next to my sink, because I sort of got hooked on how nice it feels to use the rotating brush instead of a wash cloth. 

Soniclear comes not only with a charging station, and the three scrubs, but two brush heads as well, - one for the face and the other for use on your body. First I didn't know what to think about the Antimicrobial Protection, but it turns out that the brush heads are treated in a way to prevent the bristled from getting stained and attracting oder causing bacteria.  The special treatment makes the brushes stay clean and bacteria free even after you rinse the head off. I still think it's a good idea to take off the brush and wash the brushes under clear water to remove any soap or product built up to keep the brushes looking and feeling like brand new. 

The unit has a charge indicator, so you never have to worry about it not being charged and switching between scrubbing speeds is done by pushing on a button. But what is super cool is that the unit recognizes and adjusts it's speed settings according to the brush head being used. The built in automatic timer has a two minute cleansing cycle for the face and automatically shuts itself off when done and the Body Brush Head is active for three minutes before shutting off. So there is no guesswork involved as to weather or not you have spend enough time cleaning your face.

I also love the different colors and designs the unit comes in. Since it is sitting on a charging station it is nice to know that you can choose the color that goes best in your bathroom. 

You can find Michael Todd here > Website * Facebook 

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