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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Selvera. I am using their products to loose weight and to report my personal experience.”
— Enzie

My weight loss started off with me losing a whopping 6 lbs the 1st week and guess what happened next! Nothing - nada -zip - zero! My Withings Scale that I so loved during the 1st week is being looked at with fuming temper - I am about ready to throw it against the wall! In fact, rather than going down, I have gone slightly up and then sort of continued to hover around 172! 

Walkers Pin

Walkers Pin

This would all be fine and dandy if I would not be walking like a maniac - I logged in over 1500 steps on one day alone! Do you have any idea how much walking that is?!  So what is happening - why with eating less and more exercise has the weight loss hit a plateau? 

It looks like my body is fighting the weight loss. It is putting itself into conserve fat and energy mode. You might never know the end of the world might just happen tomorrow and we might need those extra pounds. I have been there before and the temptation to reach for comfort food like a huge - yes- huge bar of chocolate is very, very tempting. 

But something interesting is happening. Unlike the other times when I threw in the towel, somewhere deep down the voice of reason has been awakened and is whispering to hang in there. After having my weekly follow up talk with my Selvera dietitian Amanda (find her on Twitter under @akFOTI) plateauing  is a normal occurrence that every dieter has to go through. After a rapid weight loss usually after week one or two the body puts on the breaks and Amanda says it is actually a good sign indicating that the diet is working. The same will happen after a while as ones body adjusts to the new diet and exercise routine. Rather than being obsessed by numbers on the scale, it's best to concentrate on how your bodies excess fat is being burned. And by golly if that's not the case! According to my WIthings Scale my fat content read 42% when I started and it has dropped down to 39%! Having that additional insight is truly awesome.I have noticed that the love handles have shrunk and that the double chin is slowly receeding . When I look back to my 1st speed walking attempt at the park and compare it with running in short intervals now - I have to admit - I am amazed. I remember how hard it was to walk fast around the lake the 1st time - barely avoiding a trip to the hospital due to the lack of oxygen. Now, I still have to make frequent stops, but by golly I am running!


I have also been off the Selvera diet food and with the guidance of my Selvera dietitian who checks up on me once a week, made the tradition to store bought food.

Amanda, my dietitan explained in depth what types of foods are optimal and which ones to limit. Selvera believes that you should treat yourself once in a while with discretianery choices. So if you crave ice cream - it can be part of the plan as long as it is within moderation.   

Amanda had send me forms to track my keys Protein, Fat, Carbs, etc, but I thought with all the gadgets I am using to track the weight loss, like the WIthings scale and pedometer, there has to be an App that can record the calorie intake per meal and sync everything so Amanda can see it at one glance. 

I believe in efficiency and writing everything down just to scan it in order to share it with Amanda just seemed way too time consuming and it was time to do some searching!

I found My Fitness Pal , which is a free App that is rather incredible.The site offers a Free calorie counter with access to a large nutrition and calorie database. This means you can scan a product label or search by name and right away find all the info needed to record your serving size per calories. It also syncs with my WIthings Scale and WIthings Pedometer and records my daily weight as well as steps taken. Every time I eat or drink something I can easily  add the food or drink to my diet diary and it keep track of how many calories have already eaten and how much more I can consume before I hit my daily limits. When exercise is done it also tells me how many calories were burned. Since my dietician has access to My Fitness Pal, she can check at any given time to see how active I am and what it is I am eating each day. This helps her to let me know what needs to be tweaked to continue on a healthy diet. 


Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid

If you read my earlier posts about Selvera, you know that Selvera is not only about weight management, but making lifestyle changes to become a fit and healthy person. I had a food on my diary that I thought would be a great quickie for a meal because it tastes good and was surprising low in calories. Amanda however told me that it was high in carbs and offered suggestions for better alternates. Eating well means to include a fruit or vegetable with every meal, eat protein and fiber and avoid unnecessary carbs. I am slowly learning to read the labels, a must if you want to make better choices in foods. 

So even though I can't say that I have lost any more pounds this week, I am happy to report that my endurance is up, body fat has decreased and visible changes can be seen on my physique. Check back next week for another report. 

Fruit Sticker

Fruit Sticker

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