Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - Make Up for Your Legs

I love this idea of being able to tan my legs with Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs when I suffer from a bad case of sock tan. I think nothing looks worse then going out and being all dolled up, yet have these hideous looking legs that are unevenly tanned. I used my coupon (see below) to try the Sally Hansen AIrbrush tan out. I like the tanning lotion, because it is easier for me to apply it to the back of my legs. I also like being able to control how much I apply,so the tan looks natural. 

Since I participated in the @Influenster and @Sally_Hansen #ABLChallenge and #contest I received this coupon to share with my readers, so here is your chance to try Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs out for yourself and get $2 off. 

Click here to download coupon

Click here to download coupon


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