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Have you ever seen a lipstick or blush on your friend and thought you would love to get that shade too? Well, wish no more - Rimmel a London based firm has developed an app that let's you try out your friend's look.  It's a brand new way to experience the first-ever personalized augmented reality mirror, which lets you try out makeup styles before you ever spend a dime. All you have to do is download the App to your phone, point your camera at your friend, and voila her full makeup look appears, virtually, on your own face. 


#ad #Blogher #Rimmel

At first I thought well that's pretty cool, but to be honest if someone would ask me about the run down of stuff that I apply to my face I might not be able to recall every maker and brand shade. You can even point your camera at the make up sales girl in the department store or at a model in a magazine and get a very similar makeup recommendation. That's where this APP gets interesting. The App somehow decodes your friend's makeup and suggest Rimmel products that come close to the shades you see.


Truly ground-breaking, the GET THE LOOK uses highly-advanced real-time tracking that detects make-up on faces in print and real life. This reading is compared with Rimmel’s extensive database to find the best matching shades of mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipliner, blusher, bronzer and foundation to try out on your own image using your smartphone camera. No more pining away after all those high end beauty looks from the runway, with the new Get the Look App you can steal their looks straight from the fashion pages of your favorite magazine and make it your own with Rimmel.

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You can even customize your virtual look by changing the shades and colors in real time thanks to the Rimmel website’s live try on 3D Technology – get as playful and creative as you dare! The accurate face-tracking technology cleverly ‘sees’ features and is intuitive enough to discern between facial contours, allowing the virtual make-up to stay in place when smiling and talking.

Want to try the Camden Punk look? Or get ready for a night in Chelsea? Rimmel has got you covered! Simply click on the “London Look” section of the website for pre-recorded looks designed by Rimmel. Get the London look in just one click!

Camillo Pane, Coty Executive Vice President global category development, comments:“I am very excited to unveil the next step in our Coty digital revolution with the Rimmel Get The Look app. Through ongoing research into our consumer needs, we learnt that our consumers are more inspired and driven to beauty purchases by looks they see on the street than by those created directly by beauty brands. Taking this into account, we have created our innovative Get the Look app that allows consumers to capture looks from the street with their phones and replicate it on themselves through the app using our Rimmel products and shades.”

#ad #Blogher #Rimmel#ad #Blogher #Rimmel#ad #Blogher #Rimmel

#ad #Blogher #Rimmel

The App puts similar matching products in a wishlist for later use so all you have to do is place the order whenever you are ready to buy. Then your purchase is mailed right to your door. 

Want to try the App? Rimmel London’s Get the Look app is free and available to download now. Get it on iOS or Android and start swapping looks with friends right now! 

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