Relieve Tailbone-Pain with Heated Seat Cushion

#ChiroDoc #SeatCushion #Coccyx #HeatedCushion

#ChiroDoc #SeatCushion #Coccyx #HeatedCushion

Tailbone pain can be felt at the center , very bottom of your spine, right above your buttocks, where this multi-segmented bone sits. Sometimes the tailbone gets aggravated or even bruised and sitting or standing up from a seated position can aggravate it even more. 

I took a tumble down a slope once and bruised my tailbone and found great relief from special cushions called "coccyx cushion ". The ChiroDoc Heat Therapy Coccyx Cushion is expertly designed by a group of chiropractors over a span of 12 months, with 50+ prototypes with your bum's needs in mind, conforming to the natural contours of the body, no matter what shape or size. The seat feels comfortable and has even given me some relief from my lower back pain. 

RELIEVES BACK AND SCIATICA PAIN: Suffering bums are now a thing of the past. If you are a victim of lower back or sciatica pain, this coccyx cushion can make a world of improvement in your life. It gives you the right support that makes sitting not just tolerable, but enjoyable again. Takes away pain by relieving direct stress and pressure from your tailbone & spine. This unique memory foam cushion prevents numbness and other types of pain brought by prolonged sitting.
IMPROVES YOUR POSTURE: Proper posture makes a huge difference when sitting on a desk all day. Stress on your back decreases with the right posture, making you look good while sitting, while helping you avoid injury. It corrects your posture by relieving pressure points and facilitating correct lumbar curvature. It promotes proper spine alignment and helps you get through the daily grind with ease.

I love that this cushion comes with a heat pouch that warms up as you plug into any USB adapter (5V). The USB cord is 4 feet 8 inches long. You can plug one end of the USB cable into the corresponding port on your laptop. The heated cushion will provide gentle heat to your bum, which feels really good when you are aching. It dilates the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle and healing the damaged tissue. Applying heat actually decreases the transmission of pain signals to the brain and gently stretches the soft tissues around the spine, including the muscles, connective tissue, and adhesions.

HYPOALLERGENIC, DUST MITE RESISTANT COVER: Perfect for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. This seat cushion has a dust mite resistant cover inside that seals off dust mites from breeding and releasing fecal matter that can flare up allergic reactions. 

I received this cushion at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review. I love the heat feature and that I can even plug the seat in on long drives in the car. The memory foam is holding up nicely and so far I am very happy with this product. 

#ChiroDoc #SeatCushion #Coccyx #HeatedCushion

ChiroDoc 2-in-1 Heat Therapy Coccyx Cushion - USB Powered (5V) - Ergonomic Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Perfect For Lower Back & Coccyx & Tailbone Pain Relief (Sciatica) - Reduce Back Pain From Sitting All Day - Use Anywhere $39.99 $74.99

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