ProCircle Hot Yoga Towel


I love Yoga and have been using just a regular yoga mat for my exercises. When I learned about the Procircle Yoga towel, I wanted to give it  a try and see if it felt better than just lying on the plastic yoga mat. The towel is long enough to fit over my yoga mat and it has sewn corners so you can tug the mat inside the corners and keep the yoga towel in place. When doing mat exercises it really feels good to have a softer towel under you.

This mat is great when doing Birkram Yoga, because as you sweat out toxins a regular mat can get a bit slippery.  This towel catches the drips. When moving around a lot it does bunch up a bit, but I don't mind that. I like the idea that I can wash the towel after each exercise and I like that the towel came with a carrying case so I can take it to class without it getting dirty. I did receive the yoga towel for review purposes at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review.


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