Precision Grooming Set - By Majestic Bombay



Many years of painting have taught me that having the right tools for any job makes a world of difference. One of the problems I have run into with grooming sets had been poor quality. However that is not the case with the Precision Grooming Set by Majestic Bombay. 

The case includes a stainless steel manicure set with scissors, a cuticle pusher/nail cleaner, tweezers and blackhead extractor. 

The long nail care tools have a non-slip grip and have sharp edges, which makes cleaning nails easy. 

I can not stand poorly made tweezers and was thrilled to see that these tweezers are well aligned and do a great job grabbing even the tiniest of hairs.

To keep your tools clean wipe them off with some rubbing alcohol after each use. 

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