Posture Stand for People with Back Pain

I have been dealing with major back pain for longer than I care to admit and there are days that I can not stand at the easel or sit at my desk and have to move my work to either a sofa or to the bed. Keeping up with work can be rather challenging on occasions when moving around is very limited and that's why I started to look into a posture stand. I have found a great one and figured I better share in the event if you are also looking for a solution. 

London Spine Posture Stand

The London Spine Clinic makes a stand that resembles something out of an Erector set, but it is incredibly versatile. The stand has flexible and very sturdy legs that can be rearranged to various heights so that you can either set it up on a desk and get added height or lower it to hold your laptop, iPad or book for when you are reclining. 

Posture Stand Details

About the Product

  • Recommended by the London Spine Clinic, the Posture Stand has been designed to help prevent postural strain by allowing you to securely raise the position of your laptop, monitor or tablet device to your natural eye level.
  • Work in the optimum position to support spinal alignment with the Posture Stand. This remarkably versatile and easy to adjust stand provides a simple and affordable way to improve the ergonomics of your workspace.
  • With 360-degree rotating legs, the Posture Stand can be configured to suit your needs and a wide range of environments - from the office to the sofa or even the bed. Don't settle for plastic alternatives.
  • Made using zinc alloy joints and aluminum components this high-quality stand can hold up to 110 pounds (50kg), making it one of the sturdiest and most durable laptops stands on the market and includes a free mouse stand
  • Suitable for laptops up to 17". If you would like to see how much more stable our product is vs. other products, here is a video demonstration...

For more information, please visit Amazon

WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU? The Posture Stand helps you work in the optimum position to promote spinal alignment and good posture. This remarkable versatile stand has many potential uses. It is ideal for standing your computer monitor on, laptop, tablet or even your book.

The silver rings when moved unlock or lock the legs. I usually adjust the angle on a flat surface and then micro adjust once I am sitting or lying down. The unit comes with a mouse holder as well (free of charge) and I thought that was a nice touch. I have a 17in laptop and it holds it up ok. However when the angle is very steep you might want to velcro the laptop down, so it doesn't fall off when you wiggle about. There is ample room for your legs between the legs of the unit. I really like how stable the unit is and how it allows me to keep working. I can even put an 8x10in canvas on it and continue to paint while I am lying down! 

posture stand with laptop

I purchased the item full price and although it was a bit more expensive then some of the other units it is well worth the extra money.

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