OAXIS Launches Smart Wellness Line on Pozible

Are you a techie? A gadget girl? I am and I love everything that tracks and informs me how well I am doing when trying to stay healthy and fit. I was introduced to OAXIS, which is an award winning consumer technology company, which has launched its OAXIS Wellness line and well my interest was sparked and I had  to  check them out.  I love all the new designs and since I am helping to spread the word about the product got a chance to offer my readers a chance to enter the OAXIS Giveaway. OAXIS’ body analyzer, Bluetooth water bottle, and fitness bands can be ordered now on Pozible, a crowdfunding website now and will be available for purchase at Oaxis.com in September.

The OAXIS Wellness Line aims to empower users to both make healthier choices and make them much easier, with wellness technology that easily integrates into an active lifestyle.

The Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Tumbler monitors water quality and intake using Bluetooth technology. The BPA-free Vita utilizes a Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) sensor to ensure water is safe for consumption while temperature sensors ensure water isn't too hot or cold for drinking. Vita helps users stay hydrated and in tune with their fluid vitality level via Bluetooth notifications sent directly to their iOS and Android devices and displayed near the bottom of the bottle.

The Glo Bluetooth Smart Body Analyzer provides insights into users' wellbeing and tracks the progress of healthy lifestyle changes. From weight to body fat index, lean body mass, bone mass, and body water index to basal metabolism and body age, Glo provides a holistic picture of health for up to six users. Customized analyses are sent straight to users' smartphones to assist in managing fitness regiments and lifestyle choices. Glo's tempered glass design and customizable ambiance lighting provide a sleek and sophisticated look to suit any household.

The O2 Fitness Band measures calories burned, step count, sleep quality, and workout data in a lightweight dermatologically safe and IPX6 waterproof package. The O2's LED heart rate sensor monitors blood flow underneath the skin to accurately measure heart rate and determine optimal heart rate during exercise.


By starting users off with attainable goals, gentle nudges, and a gamified app, the O2 builds confidence and makes healthy living more fun and less of a drag. Users "travel the world" with the LifeBalanz app and are rewarded as they reach milestones.

By utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the O2 offers a battery life of up to 15 days, keeping users moving without the constant need to charge.

The Ji Cheng Fitness Band is an exclusive collaboration between OAXIS and Shanghai fashion designer Ji Cheng. A chic wearable inspired by the aesthetic of cranes' feathers, the Ji Cheng band measures calories burned, activity levels, and sleep quality. An IPX6 waterproof rating and 15-day battery life offer uninterrupted activity tracking for the fashion-forward health enthusiast on-the-go.

The OAXIS Wellness Line is available in a variety of bundles via OAXIS' Pozible campaign, now through August 15 at http://www.pozible.com/project/195904. The line will also be available on Oaxis.com in September.

An award-winning technology company, OAXIS is a known leader in the consumer electronics space for their innovative products and software platforms. Established in Singapore, OAXIS' focus is to empower users to both make healthier choices and make them much easier, with wellness technology that easily integrates into an active lifestyle. OAXIS is currently owned by Gajah and has previously been recognized for the award-winning InkCase, a second screen for smartphones.

For more information about OAXIS please visit www.oaxis.comwww.facebook.com/oaxis and www.twitter.com/_oaxis.

Enter to win products from the OAXIS Wellness Line below:

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You can Oaxis here Website * Twitter  #MeetTheNewYou and #OAXISWellness * Facebook

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