Live Infinitely Cooling Towel



It is October and we have temperatures that equal those of summer, which makes any sort of workout a real pain. 

The cooling towel comes in blue and pink and each measure 80x33cm (31.5x13in). It's perfect do have around while doing any sort of outdoor activity, from sports to gardening, the towel will keep you cool. That's because it's made of some sort of fabric that has cooling properties that instantly activate when the towel is wet, wrung and snapped in the air. It's sort of magical!


As the cool fabric touches your skin, the coolness helps the body to cool down quickly and it even has SPF 45 sun protection! I suffer from migraine headaches and usually wrap icepacks around my head. This time I tried the towel and it gave relief to my throbbing temples.

I found it interesting how long the towel stayed cool. When I first removed the towel from it's plastic wrap I noticed a slight smell that reminded me of glue. However as soon as I washed the towel, the smell disappeared. The towel can easily be washed in the washing machine as well and can be reused over and over. The manufacturer recommends to store the towel in the container it comes with. If it should dry out all you have to do is make it wet, snap it in the air and enjoy it again. So far I am very impressed by this towel and how well it keeps me cool. It gets high marks from me :)

Cooling Towel - Reduces Body Temperature and Helps Beat The Summer Heat - Extremely Durable Snap Towel That Is Perfect For Camping, Hiking or Anyone Working Outdoors Includes Free-Fitness eBook and 100% Money Back Guarantee $9.95 $13.95 Live Infinitely

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