Kimble Beauty Silk Rollers

Kimblebeauty Silk Rollers

Kimblebeauty Silk Rollers

I had never heard of Kimblebeauty silk covered rollers before  and was very interested to try these silk rollers out to see if they are any different from foam rollers. I am very particular about my hair and having rather straight hair getting some curl and volume added usually means hours in front of a mirror. If you have ever slept with rollers you know that some can be rather uncomfortable. I don't know about you, but I have not mastered the art of sleeping on something that feels like a bed of nails as of yet! When I heard about Kim Kimble's silk covered rollers I said :" WHAT?! - have  to try these!" 

 Kim Kimble's is a stylist who has a hair studio in West Hollywood and who does the hair of Beyonce and Vanessa Williams among many other famous celebrities. Someone who styles the hair of celebrities already sounded promising. She has an entire line of hair products, but I wanted to try the rollers first. The 12 black silk rollers came individually wrapped in protective plastic sleeves in a handy little bag, which is great for travel. Each roller is about 2 1/4 inch wide, which is wide enough to get a nice thick strand of hair rolled up. 

Black Silk Rollers

Black Silk Rollers

What I like about these rollers is that the silk covering encapsulates the entire foam padding all the way to the outer edges. This prevents the hair from being able to wrap around the edges and breaking . Putting on and taking off the rollers is a breeze too. Since these rollers are worn to bed, you should use the rollers on dry hair only. Just separate hair into strands and roll them on the rollers as you would with any other roller. There is a plastic guard that easily snaps into place to keep the hair in place. The company also sells a silk bonnet to keep the rollers in place while you sleep. 

The delicate silk prevents snagging and getting split ends by minimizing friction. Did you know that fabrics like cotton have a tendency to rob hair of it's natural oils and moisture and thereby can cause hair to become dry and brittle? This is what I love about product reviews, you always learn something new!  Now that explains why some of us look like we have a nest growing on top of our heads when we wake up! Since silk is smoother than cotton there is no damage to hair. Since no additional setting products are required either, the hair is nicely curled while you sleep and when you wake up your hair looks smoother and shinier than usual.

Kimblebeauty Bonnet

Kimblebeauty Bonnet

I read somewhere that you can toss the rollers in one of those mesh bags meant for delicates, but I think I prefer to hand wash them. You should not iron, but air dry the rollers. I actually string a cord through them and let them drip dry on a clothesline. 

The rollers are pricier than regular foam rollers, but the company was nice enough to offer a 10%Reader Discount.  Just use code hair10 when placing your order here.

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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brandbacker and KimbleBeauty. I have used these products in order to write a review and to report my personal experience.”
— Enzie

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