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Have you ever found yourself at a total loss at the beauty counter wondering which shade of lipstick or make-up to pick? I can't stand shopping for beauty products under artificial lighting, because most of the time I end up with shades that either have been pushed on me by a make-up sales person or that I thought looked good, yet turned out a totally different hue when I tried them at home. Ordering make-up on-line is not exactly easy either, because how can you tell which shade of red looks better with your skin tone. Should you choose the red that has a blue hue or the red with the orange hue? That's were the virtual make-over comes to help. The power of choosing the right make-up just got passed on to you with GlamST!

GlamST allows you to upload a picture of your face and will ask you to align some reference points on your face to get your image prepped for the virtual makeover. 

Once done, you can start trying out make up for the face, eyes and lips. I tried out different shades of make-up and you can see the areas where make-up was applied and those left like before. 


I am totally a lipstick girl! My vanity drawers have just about as many shades of lipstick colors as my palette has paints! My favorite part was trying out the different shades of lipstick. The software is pretty smart and does a great job applying the make-up. It was pretty interesting to see how some colors made me look old and gave me a stern appearance. So definitely no dark brown hues for me - I looked like grandma Moses! I tried out lighter shades of make-up as well and liked how it brightened up my overall appearance. I have to admit it was much easier to compare before and after photos of myself to pick the tones that suited me best.

There are a lot of brand names to choose from on the site and if you sign up you can even purchase and save your products along with personal notes . There is a community of  awesome bloggers to follow and it's a great place to spot trends, learn some tricks and out try out new tips! So what are you waiting for? Head over to GlamST and get a Virtual Make Over!

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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GlamST. I took part in the virtual make-over and thought you might enjoy trying it out as well. ”
— Enzie

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