Fresh-Tips are Notably Wonderful

Fresh Tip Mint Flavor

Fresh Tip Mint Flavor

Today I am going to give you a fresh tip on how to prep for your next client lunch meeting. First get all your presentation materials in order, dress smart and before you meet up with your client pack some "Fresh-Tips"!

Why you ask? Do you want to be remembered for the product or idea you were pitching to your client or for the lunch you had stuck in between your teeth ?! Recently, I had a chance to try out  Fresh-Tips®, a complete mouth freshener that is both a disposable brush that functions as a healthy lollipop. It comes in two flavors, peppermint and bubble gum and tastes surprisingly good and works great to get rid of unsightly food particles. 

Dr. Deborah Luis, the founder, comes from a family of dental professionals.  She is a dentist and mom passionate about oral health.  In addition to her product Fresh-Tips, she treats patients in South Florida.  She, along with her husband, Rene Luis, launched Fresh-Tips® as a fun and effective way to cure bad breath on-the-go.  

Fresh-Tips® is a disposable toothbrush that contains rubber bristles and a xylitol (all natural, sugar-free) mint that cleans your entire mouth: teeth, tongue, and gums. It is gentle on your enamel and massages the gums.  More importantly, Fresh-Tips® are a lot of fun because you use them like a lollipop. You open one and place it in your mouth, twirl, suck, and enjoy just like a lollipop while also cleaning. It has an interdental toothpick for all those hard to reach places. Fresh-Tips® are easy to carry for their comfortable size; a necessity for any man's pocket and any woman's purse.  Fresh-Tips® are ergonomic and fits perfectly in the mouth.

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener that can be extracted from fruits and vegetables.  It looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and it has been substituted for sugar since the sixties. It gained popularity due to its ability to fight cavities.  It's great for diabetics and is a naturally occurring sweetener AND is the #1 ingredient in Fresh-Tips®.

Fresh Tip Bubble Gum Flavor with blunt end

Fresh Tip Bubble Gum Flavor with blunt end

 The bubblegum flavor is great for kids and comes without the toothpick.  Young kids can use Fresh-Tips® as a way to learn how to brush their teeth and it helps prevent cavities, which makes it a win for moms too.  The #1 chronic childhood disease is dental cavities, so one mouth at a time Fresh-Tips® is helping to fight this battle.

I love this product and keep them on me at all times in my purse. To me nothing is worse than having to talk to someone who has bad breath. Often we might not even be aware of what's happening in our mouths and therefore such a product as Fresh-Tips® can safeguard against that possibility. Meeting someone for lunch just to find out you talked to them with salad wedged between your teeth is equally mortifying! So twirling around a little peppermint pop might just be the thing to inconspicuously do some clean up. 

Fresh-Tips® portable mouth freshener, a must have for every woman's purse! Available here

“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh-Tips. I use Fresh-Tips and carry them around in my purse.”
— Enzie


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