First Aid Kit Supplies

First AId Kit

First Aid Kit


This year I really want to get my act together and get prepared for emergencies. You never know when an accident can happen and I think it is very important to have first aid kits in each car as well as in your home. I received this First Aid Kit from Protect Life at a reduced rate and was very surprised when I saw how many different things were included in this easy to carry bag.

first aid kit supplies 

In the bag you will find Antiseptic cleansing wipes , Alcohol prep pad, Butterfly closure strips, Adhesive bandages of varying sizes and styles, Gauze swab, Disposable cold compress, First aid tape, Cotton tip applicator, Abdominal pad, Disposable vinyl gloves, Slim rescue howler whistle, Button Compass Liquid filled, Moleskin blister relief, Emergency blanket, Glowstick, Disposable raincoat, Scissor, PBT conforming bandage 5 x 3.6 cm , CPR face mask , Metal tweezer, Eye Pads, Sting relief pads and Safety pins . Each item can easily be reached because most of the compartments are in clear plastic. The construction of the bag is well made and I like that it has the handles for carrying.

First Aid Kit Bag

First Aid Kit for Car, Home, Travel, Office or Sports | Emergency and Survival bag fully stocked w/ high quality medical supplies $26.97 $35.99 H.A. HEALTHCARE CO., LTD



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