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The folks at OZ Naturals have sent me another one of their beauty products for review and I wanted to share my thoughts about it. 

About the Product

OZ Naturals FACE SCRUB EXFOLIANT utilizes bamboo to gently exfoliate skin and unclog pores without irritation, drying or stripping.

The facial scrub contains lactic acid and alpha lipoic acid to further help the exfoliation process by breaking down and removing dead skin cells, revealing the glow of healthy skin beneath, and assists in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging from sun damage.

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Another key ingredient is green tea extract, which is rich in antioxidants and helps to prevent collagen breakdown as well as tone and protect the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals.

The  PRO-VITAMIN B5 in this scrub is readily absorbed by the skin and penetrates deep down, retaining moisture and relieving dry, irritated skin, and Alpha Lipoic Acid provides anti-inflammatory effects reducing redness and blotchiness, shrinking pore size and imparting a healthy radiance to the skin. The product is safe for all skin types and the bamboo exfoliant is all natural and free of harmful ingredients.

How to Use the Scrub

The scrub comes in form of a white powder. Sprinkle some of the powder in the palm of your hand (about 1tsp) and add a little bit of water. Then just apply the scrub to your face and move it around in circular motions, avoiding the area around your eyes. The powder has no smell and feels a bit like super fine sandpaper. I liked the ingredients in this scrub, but since I have been exfoliating like crazy recently had to give my face a break from more scrubbing. I preferred using the scrub on my feet rather than on my face and it left my soles feeling super smooth. I am going to try it out on my elbows as well. That's an area we ladies often ignore and I think one that could benefit from this scrub as well. 

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About the Brand

OZ Naturals - The BEST Face Scrub Exfoliator - This Facial Scrub Contains Lactic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bamboo & Pro Vitamin B5 For An Incredible Face Exfoliating Scrub - You Won't Find A More Effective Face Exfoliator For That Healthy Youthful Glow - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed $24.95 $27.95 OZ Naturals

OZ Naturals is a top seller on amazon.com and its easy to understand why. I personally have tried several of their products and liked them a lot. 

Co-Founder and Certified Esthetician, Angela Irish launched OZ Naturals as a company that embodies everything she's passionate about -- healthy skin, anti-aging, natural ingredients, and utilizing the latest technology to formulate the highest quality skin care products on the market.

Utilizing her personal experience of skin issues, that she understands that when your skin is unhealthy it can negatively affect your self-esteem. After try tons of products over the years she was always left with the same skin issues as before. Sometimes even worse than before. Angela knows how disheartening this can be, especially when so many skin care products make huge claims, and simply do not deliver. It's especially frustrating when the cost of those products are hardly affordable, and you realize once again that you've wasted your money.

While it's true that beautiful skin is also hereditary, the healthy skin comes from taking care of the inside and outside of our bodies. However, finding the right products for your skin can be the toughest part of the equation. This is why OZ Naturals was founded, to create healthy, premium skin care products to help those who weren't naturally born with perfect skin, to obtain more perfect skin. The kind of skin that everyone deserves to have.

You can find OZ Natural here: on Facebook and Twitter @oz_naturals or visit their website for special promo announcements. 

“I was selected by Brandbacker and Oz Naturals to review this product in exchange for my honest opinion.”
— Enzie




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