Eye Eraser Duo by Michael Todd - An Anti Aging Infusion System

Who looks back at you when you look in the mirror? If you are past your twenties, I'll bet there are days when you wonder what happened to that youthful you. Wonder how those crowfeet have decided to populate the area around your eyes. I sometimes wonder about all this and then some. Never one to really use a whole lot of make-up and especially no anti-aging products, I have found myself within the last year going full out to battle the signs of aging and guess what? I am actually winning and that's thanks to being able to try out new products that I would have never had the guts to go for. One such product is Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo

“Exclusive Bundle only sold on ULTA.com and in ULTA Beauty retail stores nationwide”

“Exclusive Bundle only sold on ULTA.com and in ULTA Beauty retail stores nationwide”

When you purchase the Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo you receive the Eye Eraser Infuser, which is a battery operated gentle vibrator that combines ionic and thermal technology to help deliver the beneficial ingredients in your eye care products more deeply and evenly at a cellular level. The vibrator (about 5 inches tall) takes one triple A battery, which is provided in the kit. The kit also comes with the Intensive Eye Treatment Cream with Haloxyl, Eyeliss and Matrixyl 3000, three powerful clinically tested ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. There is also an instruction pamphlet included. The item is available here.

To use the Eye Eraser Duo all you have to do is gently tab the Eye Treatment lotion around your eye. Then touch the vibrator to your skin and hold in place. It will begin to gently pulse and slowly gets warm. Then just move the applicator around your eye area. I really like the gently massaging action and the warmth of the applicator. When the stick no longer makes contact with your skin it automatically shuts itself off. The applicator can be used all over your face as well. To clean the massage head, just wipe it clean with a towel or tissue.

 I have read that the skin around our eyes is very sensitive and the less you rub and scrub the better. It is recommended that lotions should be tapped on. The pulsing mechanism of the Ion Sonic does just that. It delivers many such taps per second in a gentle way. But does it justify the added expense of purchasing such a gizmo? In my research about the makeup of our skin, I learned that the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis is made up of a tough layer of mainly dead skin cells that function as a barrier against damaging elements like pollutants. Ion Sonic uses electronically charged ions to get passed this protective layer to penetrate the epidermis and deliver nutrients to the skin cells beneath. So rather than just working just on a topical level, the Ion Sonic claims to penetrate more deeply under the skins surface. 

I have been using this product for quiet a while now and consider it notably wonderful! I love the the warming sensation and pulsating sensation on my skin and have noticed that fine lines are getting less. 

By the way the lovely jewelry I am wearing is by Shop Pretties and Make-up by Lancome

You can find Michael Todd here > WebsiteFacebook 


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