How to look your best on a hot summer day with Brumisateur, Evian Facial Spray

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Summer can mean hot and muggy days, days when we all suffer and want nothing more than to sit in front of a fan to cool down. Here in Southern California when temperatures can hover between high 90's F and go above 100F, staying cool and not looking like a steamed, red tomato can be rather challenging. 

evian facial Spray for Pool Time

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On such days, I love spending time in and around the pool as much as possible. However, one can't live by the pool each hour of the day just to escape the crazy heat and has to venture out at some point. The car and the mall with their airconditioning are safe zones, but any outdoor event and the trouble starts. 

I never forget a hot summer day when I attended an outdoor event and saw that the make-up on a lady who was standing next to me started to run down her face. I felt so bad for her that I handed her a Kleenex and pointed out as gently as possible that her make-up up was literally melting off her face. It made for an awkward moment and then nervous laughter. 

This brings me to today's topic how to look best on a hot summer day.

evian facial spray

A while back I had written about Evian Brumistaeur Facial Spray as a must-have travel companion to keep my face hydrated while on long flights. During the summer I also keep a spray in my bag and one in the car because the refreshing mist of pure spring water has helped me to look my best even on very hot summer days. Yes, I am officially hooked on spraying my face and décolletage and anyone who is game for a quick mist of pure evian® natural spring water!

Evian® natural spring water is sourced in Evian-les-bains, France and sealed in a leak-proof canister. This makes the canister ideal to take along to wherever you are heading that's outdoors, be it the beach, a festival, a picnic in the park or on a hike. 

evian brumisateur

In the mornings, right after I have put on my make make-up,  I finish it off with a quick mist of the hypo-allergenic, hydrating evian® Facial Spray to blend and set the makeup into a smooth, natural look.

I read that sweat droplet carry with them anything that is on your face. This means make-up and grime are carried through perspiration to places they were not intended to be. Whatever is on your face, can also settle into your skin pores and clog them up. Evian® Facial Spray contains the same extreme purity and neutral 7.2 pH that has earned decades of international respect. Evian® water is tested 300 times each day for purity.  Evian® Facial Spray’s unique, balanced, mineral content and exquisitely fine micro-droplet mist allow the skin to better absorb its hydration. So rather than have the heat either cake up your make-up or make it run, the moisture on the face is just the right amount to keep everything in place. 

The continues misting throughout the day helps to keep the face cool, even when you start to sweat in other parts of your body. This, in turn, keeps your makeup from running and you looking like a roasted tomato. 

By misting off sweat from your face, arms, and legs, you can also remove pool chlorine or saltwater.

The 1.7 oz travel size is TSA approved and the 5oz canister is great to carry in a bag. The company also sells a 10oz size which is an even better deal. My mind is also at ease knowing that the pure nitrogen gas in the canisters does not affect the ozone layer.

Now on hot and humid days I just say "bring it on!' while I take a cool shower with the help of my Evian® Facial Spray.



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While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.