Contoured Sleep Mask Kit

Dream Essential Contoured Sleep Mask

Around 1 in 3 people suffer from some type of insomnia. Scientists know relatively little about how chronic sleeplessness works or why it disproportionately affects women and people over the age of 65. Roughly 60 million Americans are affected by the sleep disorder each year, and scientists disagree on the best ways to treat it. That's not exactly good news if you are having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. I usually have no problem falling asleep, but in recent years I have had a difficult time staying asleep. 

Sleeping Mask Star Sticker
Sleeping Mask Star Sticker by EmbroideryPatterns

In my reading about developing good sleeping habits, I have learned that it is best to stop all sort of stimulating mental activity about 30 min before it's bedtime. No web surfing or action movies for me. Although I have to say National Geographic shows about Egypt's Mummies and Pyramids put me out in no time at all. :)  Avoiding caffeinated drinks at bedtime is another tip I have picked up, which seems to help. If your spouse goes to bed after you have retired, it's unavoidable not to wake up when light switches are being turned on. That's when using a sleep mask comes in handy. A well-made sleep mask fits the face and blocks out light. I recently received a contoured sleep mask kit by Dream Essentials. 

This relaxation mask is made with soft polyester interlock fabric and is very flexible and lightweight. It delivers remarkable levels of blocking the light without putting pressure on the eyes. The fully adjustable Velcro strap allows you to adjust the mask so that it fits comfortably. When traveling you can easily fold it and carry it with you in its little pouch. The mask can also be washed with warm water. I have tried the mask a couple of times and slept well with it. The mask comes with an earplug, which is a nice addition to the kit. I like that it is contoured because it really helps with keeping the light out. So far I am loving it! 

Contoured Sleep Mask by Dream Essentials 



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