Bodyphoria Luxurious 100% Natural 8 Bath Bomb Gift Set



Some people love showers and others enjoy a long soak in the bathtub. To me soaking in the bathtub has to be with candles burning, bubbles galore and wonderful scents to make me drift away in bliss. When I first opened the pretty packaging of this 8 Bath Bomb Gift Set I noticed the lovely scent. There are 8 different bath bombs that are infused with essential oils each with their own distinct scent. 

Choices are: Summer Citrus Sunshine, Relaxation Bliss, Floral Patterns, Muscle Ease, Evergreen Essence, Happy Day, Breathe Easier and Rejuvenation.

100 % natural ingredients like shea butter, essential fragrant oils and coconut oil soothe and soften your skin. All you do is select your favorite scent, that's actually the hardest part - they all smell so wonderful! Then drop it in the bathwater and watch them dissolve with a fizz. There is no oily residue left when you drain the water out of the tub, which is a big plus. 

This 8 piece bath bomb set makes for a nice gift for someone who enjoys taking relaxing baths. The packaging is beautiful and each large, fragrant bomb is wrapped in pink tissue paper and a protective plastic to seal in the scent.

About the company
MADE IN THE USA, YOUR FREE GUIDE & 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Bodyphoria is proud that our bath bombs are locally hand made in the USA. The bath bombs include Bodyphoria's exclusive "12-Step Guide to Ultimate Daily Relaxation" which contains excellent, scientifically researched tips on how to de-stress. Bodyphoria also provides world class service here in the USA and a no questions asked, 365 day 100% empty box money back guarantee.

Luxurious 100% Natural 8 Bath Bomb Gift Box - New Larger 3.5oz Size - Pure Essential Oils for the Best Lush, Relaxing Bath. For Women & Men, Bodyphoria Fizzies Make the Perfect Special Day Set $24.97 $37.90 Bodyphoria

I received this set at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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