Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheat Grass Postcard
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Looking for a natural way to stay healthy? Consider the ever so potent qualities of Wheatgrass. It can always be found at juice bars, but to get the full benefit the powerful chlorophyll must come fresh from a living plant. 

Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Wheatgrass juice contains up to 70% chlorophyll, which is an important blood builder. Chlorophyll contains enzymes and super- oxide dismutase, a copper-containing protein found in mature red blood cells. This enzyme decomposes superoxide radicals in the body into a more manageable form, thereby helping to slow down the aging process. Chlorophyll also destroys bacteria in the body.

Tissue in the body can be renewed by chlorophyll if it is taken in liquid form. Chlorophyll also helps to clean out toxins in the liver and improves blood sugar problems. It can also be used to remove deposits of drugs, heavy metals, and cancer-causing agents from the body. Wheatgrass juice reduces high blood pressure and enhances the capillaries.

Wheat Grass Postcard
Wheat Grass Postcard by The_Everything_Store

It is amazing how many health benefits wheat grass juice has as long as it is taken in proper amount. Some people have reactions like getting nauseous, experience appetite loss and constipation. If that should happen ease off the juicing. Here is a very detailed and informative video about the other benefits of wheatgrass.

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