Benefits of Wind Chimes

Windchimes are not only a decorative item for your yard, but the gentle sway and jingle of the chimes also adds soothing sounds to your garden. The sound of the music created of the chimes is often considered soothing and it can help relieve tension and stress.  In Feng - Shui, the south -east and east directions are supposed to be associated with nature - wooden elements and trees. Silver or copper, bamboo or wooden, ceramic or glass – wind chimes are always pleasant and useful when used as feng shui cure against possible negative influences of environmental forces. Hanging your chimes in such a locations is said to get rid of negativity and brings in positive energy.

You can also use chimes if you like to keep birds and some insects away. The moving tubes and the sound they emit sometimes scare our feathered friends and that can come in handy if you need to keep them away from fruit trees or berry bearing bushes. 

I recently ordered the Spruce Bay Inspirational Wind Chimes, which measure 3.5 x 3.5 x 26 in and have 6 silver aluminum tubes and a solid finished wooden piece. These are dainty looking chimes and have a nice, light sound. 

Inspirational SpruceBay Wind Chime $12.97 Sprucebay

Black and white Wind chimes Photo Print Mouse Pad
Black and white Wind chimes Photo Print Mouse Pad
by bluishmuse

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