Tools Needed for Bread Baking

Tools Needed for Bread Baking

bread proofing basket

Baking bread at home is becoming more and more popular. After trying out ready pre packaged starter bread making kits, the next step is to create your own starter and get serious about baking your own loaves of bread.

Bread baking is easy, especially if you have a few good tools to make the process enjoyable.

- Scale

A scale is important since you want to make sure that you get the ingredients right. Measuring the right quantities of flour, water, yeast and other ingredients you might need for the type of bread you bake. 

- Dough Scraper

You will also need a dough scraper for mixing the dough and shaping the loaves. I have this one and love it, because it makes moving the dough around very easy.


- Danish Dough Whisk


A Danish dough whisk makes whisking the the wet and dry ingredients super easy.  Dough loves to stick to tool, but not this one!  Here is a video that shows how to use the Danish Dough Whisk. 

- Banneton Proofing Basket

Once the dough is mixed it's time for it to rest in a dark and warm place. A proofing basket is ideal, because it allows for airflow and helps the dough to rise. Before you use the basket make sure to dust it lightly with cornmeal or flour to avoid the dough from sticking.Banneton Basket by Be Happy is available via Amazon

I purchased the 10 inch Banneton Basket for review purposes, because I needed a larger size than the one I already have. This basket is also made out of natural Rattan and has a removable linen liner. The basket worked great and I liked that the seller even provided a link for an eBook via email about general breadmaking.

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