Toddler Girl Portrait

Toddler Girl Portrait

toddler-girl-portrait-from-photo Toddler Girl Portraits can be painted from your existing old photo and turned into an oil portrait. This is the 2nd painting I have created for the same family. The first one was a portrait of a little boy.

With old photos the color often changes and details like the sparkle in the eyes tends to get lost. When painting with oils many of these highlights can be brought back to life turning a flat image into a vibrant looking painting. 

Depending on the the overall look of the final painting and the crop that the client chooses, certain elements can be left off. Since this painting measures 10x10inches my client opted for a closeup and a full focus on the face.  The original outfit was much more lighter, but looked too bright in the painting. I preferred to showcase the lace instead and made that stand out by painting it lighter and adding heavier paint texture. 

Now the full focus still stays on the cute little face of this toddler girl. If you like to order a similar portrait click here. 

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