Labradoodle Pet Portrait

Labradoodle Pet Portrait

Labradoodle Head Portrait Your pet immortalized in oil on canvas. Custom oil paintings from photos can easily be painted from existing photos. The original photo had a person, carpet and stone in the background. All that was taken out and replaced with the background you see now.

labradoodle from photo

I like to use the same colors that were in the original photo, since the reflected light does show up in the fur or person that has been photographed. The position of the hind leg was changed as well since the dog had to shown sitting on the ground rather than leaning against a person. 

Then it was time to really build up the colors and texture. By playing up certain elements in the painting variation in texture and color make the pet pop. 

Labradoodle Oil Portrait

This Labradoodle pet portrait is now finished and ready to be shipped to the client. I painted the same dog twice but from different reference photos and will be posting the other painting very soon.

If you like to learn more about ordering a similar portrait of your pet click below for information.


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