Instant Portable Cat Tent

Instant Portable Cat Tent

Safe Outdoor Play Habitat for Cats

Roraima Instant Portable Cat Tent

Instant and Easy Set Up
Large Interior for Play

Air Ventilate Mesh Fabric Keeps Kitty in and Bugs Out

Insta Cat Tent

Outdoor Tent for Cats

Mesh Tent with Two Openings

Safe Play Tent for Cats

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  • Instant outdoor cat tent easy to setup within seconds, with size 75" L X60"W X36"H,30 squre feet space, big enough space for two more cats or put your kitty's toys, Litter Box,blanket etc. This pop up tent can be used in a yard, on your deck, balcony. It's great for your indoor cats to play safely ouside. You can even use it indoor to restrict your kitty to a specific area .
  • Air ventilation and visible Mesh fabric make your cat's play area comfortable, by shading them from the sun, allowing air to flow through and keeping bugs out. For cats who love the outdoors, or for those felines that are taken along on camping trips it's a great area to spend time in.
  • Extra Rain fly not only provide basic protection for the unexpeted drizzle, but also provides shade from the sun. It can also eaily be removed if not needed. The extra large zipper hole (two 17.7" 45 cm openings) is great for cleanning the inside of the tent. You can even connect tunnels for extra playtime.
  • Handy carry bag is provided, so you wont have to worry when its time to travel, you can easily bring the habitat along.
  • One year Limited warranty is offered. Available via Amazon

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