Floral Design Hand Stitched Linen Clutch

Floral Design Hand Stitched Linen Clutch


A must-have accessory for every woman, this hand-stitched linen clutch is perfect for carrying everything you need to make it through the day. Printed with a fun, colorful floral design on the outside and a choice of 6 inside colors. This clutch is ideal to carry your belongings in style!

teal clutch front view

  • Dimensions:
    • Folded: 9” w x 5” l
    • Unfolded: 9” w x 8” l
  • Printed on Belgian linen. Choice of 6 colors ( black, charcoal, teal, eggplant, indigo, cinnamon
  • Durable inner lining made from 100% cotton
  • Brown, genuine leather detachable wrist strap
  • Metal zipper to close
  • Magnetic button for secure fold-over
  • Hand-made in U.S.A.

This product is recommended for ages 13+

This hand-stitched linen clutch is perfect for bridesmaid or to give as birthday gifts. It is roomy and the hand strap makes it easy to carry around your clutch. Just click on the images to view more details and about order information. 

floral clutch eggplant

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